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In our country, cricket is not just a game but it is an emotion. We know that this pandemic had its impact on almost everything. Cricket Match cancelation is one of them.

We know that on March, 2020 this virus had spread in a very full-fledged manner. It resulted in LOCKDOWN. We as a Indian, April is the month of IPL (Indian Premier League) but because of safety reasons, BCCI had cancelled the matches. We all know those were very tough days, but we can not even imagine the loss headed by event organizing companies because of the cancelation of such big events.

When things have become way normal than that time then BCCI had decided to conduct those suspended matches with proper safety efforts at UAE.

That time also BCCI have headed a big loss because those Match were being played in a stadium with no spectators.

The conclusion is being an Indian and a cricket fan also, these cancelation or suspension news of the matches were very tough to digest. But safety is something which is very important than any enjoyment.

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